Lingonberry and leaf in the shape of semicolon

Lingon Studios

Touch to Turn

This is Touch to Turn is a free minimalist and action-packed arcade game where you can only turn right

Player destroying enemies with the shield power up

Dodge the enemy ships and gather as many points as possible. Get power-ups and keep them up with combos to get even more points. Outsmart the enemies and make them crash into each other. Touch to turn your ship and avoid crashing into the other ships while driving, but remember the only way to turn is right.

– Become a laser master by using the giant laser power-up to destroy the enemies within reach.
– Get the missiles power-up to do the work for you as they will attack and destroy the closest enemy ships.
– End up as Captain Shield after using the shield power-up as protection in close combat.

Player spinning with laser power up

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