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Making a 3d, game in assembly September and October 2020

Now it was time to get the lane markings to look better at a distance. As I showed and explained in an earlier blog post there were quite severe aliasing issues with the lane markings that were rendered from the pixel shader. To solve this...

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Making a 3d, game in assembly Spring and Summer 2020

I changed the lane markings to be drawn by a pixel shader instead of separate vertices. This ended up looking a bit better, but it had some aliasing issues as can be seen in the video clip below, but this...

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Making a 3d game in assembly Autumn and Winter 2019

During the Autumn of 2019 I started working on the actual game project. Most of the time was spent trying to learn and understand DirectX 11, I probably had to understand it a bit more than most have to when...

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Making a 3d game in assembly, introduction

This blog will cover the development of a game I’m making in x86_64 assembly. In this post I will explain the game idea and why I choose to make it in assembly. The game idea is based on Cities Skylines...

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